A Donation Explanation

Hi Ya’ll.  I know no better way to start out my very first blog than with a Corrie Ten Boom quote.
The measure of a life, after all, is not it’s duration, but it’s donation.”  -Corrie Ten Boom
Donations are not just monetary ones.  We have all been given talents, dreams, purpose and  destiny by God.  These are our donations to bring to the body of Christ, our family, community and the world.  So many Christians are still sitting on the side lines, hiding their talent. I can relate well to that.  Fears of messing up and failure are powerful.  But I want to be told “well done, good and faithful servant” when I get to Heaven.  So we must step out in faith and know that God equips the called.  Moses was called and he tried to excuse himself because he did not speak well.  Or so he thought.  So God equipped him with Aaron who did the talking for him.  I don’t want to be found like the servant that buried his talent in Matthew 25:14-30.  He was afraid to try, he did not even attempt to ask for help.  I do not want to be found by the Lord holding a bag, so to speak, full of visions and dreams that He gave me to accomplish, and I did nothing with them. I can relate to being scared and feeling overwhelmed by a dream that He places in your heart.  So it was for me with my coming soon children’s book series, The Missionary Dog.   I was sometimes overwhelmed and many other things as well.  But God is faithful and when we ask for help He will always provide. (About 81% of Americans want to write a book based on a 2011 survey).  Here I sit today so grateful that for once I put action to the dream in my heart.  I knew it was placed there by God. This time I was faithful to God and made a donation that He could use and work with.  I heard a saying in Church once that has always stuck with me. ” I am never down, only up, or getting up.”  Along this new adventure for me I have had to “get up” a few times.  Remember Moses he had many trials and he kept getting up too.  I know that God will continue to bring us the help we need to get these books published and into the hands of kids, especially those in Mongolia. (If you want to help, contact us and let us know). My eyes tear up when I think what if I never got off the couch and tried?  What if I buried that dream in my fears and left it there. God is no respecter of persons what He did for Moses, and countless others, including me. (Romans 2:11 and Acts 10:34)
He will do the same for you!  And now I will leave you with a quote from C. S. Lewis.
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis


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