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Welcome to the events page! Both current and past events are on this page, so check in with us again to stay updated! 

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To Illuminate Ministries presented The Warrior Summit in October 2021, hosted by the Reverend Sarah Perry. This two-day conference was dedicated to helping God’s people focus on assignment from God, and take steps toward completing it! The Reverend Cathy Tune also spoke, and she her encouragement was powerful. Our encouraging new men’s testimony book, Men At Arms, also debuted at this powerful conference. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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The Warrior Women trilogy had just come out, and after all the hard work put into each emotional testimony, it was time for a book launch party! This party was no different than any of the others that To Illuminate Ministries has put on: it was beautiful and well-supplied. It was held at the Ozark Community Center in Ozark, Missouri, in a charming venue with glass doors and windows flooding in light from two sides. The decorations on each table and around the room were carefully handmade, and flowers decorated everything. The refreshments were varied, from fabulous fruit to cute cupcakes to tasty tacos. The door prizes were also beautifully done, most of them handmade. Here are a few snapshots of this unforgettable party, we hope to see you at our next one!