About Us

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About the Ministry

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To Illuminate Ministries had humble but powerful beginnings: God and a child. This child, who grew into the woman Sarah Perry, was given a love for children and a heart for missions. Mark 16:15 (ESV) says
‘And he (Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”’, and that command is being put into practice with this ministry. One of the main missions To Illuminate has is to publish and spread the Missionary Dogs series, a series portraying dogs as missionaries who go from country to country spreading God’s unfathomable love with others. This series is also going to be translated into the languages of the countries they are set in and will go along with a Sunday school curriculum. We have several other children’s books that will appeal to children’s imaginations while at the same time planting seeds of how great God’s love is and how we are meant to spread it all over the world, and we have an adult devotional and more adult books coming to help inform adults about this mission as well. By the grace of God this ministry has grown through the years, and so have our missions. Several mission trips are on our heart and we have been able to bring Christmas to children in Mongolia several times. Our heart is to continue reaching children and adults everywhere with the Gospel, one book at a time!

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About the Author

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Sarah Perry is a Christian minister and author. She is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center. Sarah and her husband, Joe, are the founders of To Illuminate Ministries. Their passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. To Illuminate Ministries focuses on publishing and translating faith-based materials, with an emphasis on materials for children’s ministry. Along with the help of ministry partners, To Illuminate Ministries is translating books and sending them to countries like Mongolia, Kenya, Niger, France, and so many more. Sarah and Joe have two precious daughters and two cute dogs.

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