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Edison is a unique, one of a kind dragonfly. He is a Doctor of Laughter. Doctor Edison is the leading expert on the subject of laughter. He has invested many years into the research and study of laughter. He strives to share laughter with others. Join Edison and some of his friends as they learn the equation for laughter. Readers of all ages will discover how to face the problems of life armed with the Word of God and laughter. BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDED IN THE BACK!



“Author Sarah Perry truly has an anointed gift from God to minister to children. The book, Filled With Laughter, may have been written for children but when I read it I was encouraged. I honestly believe it will minister to both the young and old.”
Evangelist Ralph Casebolt
Preparing The Way Ministries

“Engaging stories that teach without preaching. So simple that children can easily understand and enjoy them; yet, so profound that adults will be challenged and encouraged.”
Dr. Jean Young
Assemblies of God Hospital, Saboba, Northern Reigon, Ghana


Filled With Laughter –  $12.99

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Cedar Mount Church is hosting special revival meetings to celebrate its 100th year anniversary. Evangelist John Davidson is invited to hold special revival meetings. Maggie the Church mouse, her friends, and community all encounter the life changing power of the Living God. Each one is touched in a special way. Find out how revival changes their lives forever. This adorable story is full of charming animal characters that are beautifully illustrated. Readers of all ages will be challenged to draw closer to the Lord as they read along.



“We are very excited about Sarah’s new book emphasizing children and revival. One day Jesus stretched out his hands and touched the children and pronounced Heaven’s highest blessing upon the little people. Jesus said to us all ‘except you become as a child’. God is not looking for theologians, but rather children. The humility and simplicity of a child draws God to them. It has been said that by the age of five a child’s destiny and direction in life has been formed. This is why it is so important that we place the right information in their hands and hearts at this tender age. Debbie and I both commend and recommend this book for your children and grandchildren.
Reverend John and Debbie Davis
Branson Revival

Maggie the Church Mouse is a delightful yet practical book preparing children of all ages for this next tsunami wave of revival. The illustrations perfectly capture each animal personification making it a joy to read!”
Tony and Brenda “Brim” Krukow
Billye Brim Ministries (Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks)


Maggie the church mouse –  $12.99

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Learning the Bible can be fun, when you use this bright and colorful book! Help your children learn the Word of God while they pretend to dial-up Heaven. Each chapter cleverly represents some of the names of God, and includes coordinating Bible verses. Each Bible verse has been broken down into a phone number for the child to pretend to call Heaven with. This book can be easily used as a simple devotional for your children.


I AM is Calling $12.99